Friday, August 24, 2012

Set Design

Our fantastically talented set designer, Tracy Nixon, has been working on some sketches of what our set will look like.  Check them out below!  We also have a great graphic designer who is going to help us out with some signage for the scenes at Bomont High and the Burger Blast.

By the way, what should the Bomont Mascot be?  Bomont Bulldogs?  Bomont Badgers?  Bomont Dance Machines?  What do you think?

The Sketches

This is the main unit.  It will be built out of scaffolding and be onstage for the entire show.

The Bomont School Gym--I'm crossing my fingers for a real basketball hoop.

The Church

The Bar-B-Que, the finest little dance palace in three counties--home of Cowboy Bob.

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